• Printing quality similar to flag ship models.
  • Multiple functions.
  • Extreme versatility.
  • Compatible with large circuit boards and a wide variety of stencil frames.
  • Support for Yamaha SMT production line network, delivers highly efficient production.
  • Built-in features from high-end machine models deliver high print accuracy and quality!
Compatible Circuit Board Dimensions L510xW460 mm - L50xW50 mm
Compatible Stencil Size L750xW750, L736xW736, L750xW650, L650xW550 mm
Printer Head Standard: 3S (Swing Single Squeegee) Head
Option: Double Squeegee Head
*Either the metal or urethane squeegee can be selected
Printing Accuracy
[Positioning Repeatability]
(3σ)±0.025 mm [(3σ)±0.005 mm]
Printing Line Tact Time 13.5 seconds or less (normal printing at optimum conditions set by Yamaha Motor)
Interface Touch Panel Monitor
Power Specifications Single-phase 200-230 V ±20V 50/60 Hz
Air Supply Clean dry air of 0.45 MPa or more
Exterior dimensions L1,130xW1,760xH1,370 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1,100kg